Writing Narrative

I am learning to write a narrative story.
I'll know I can do this when my stories have:
- Character - Setting - Introduction - Problem - Climax - Conclusion - Descriptive language such as smilies and metaphors
- Character speech using speech marks

This is my narrative plan 

This is my narrative. It is about two unicorns who are both very powerful and one wants to get rid of unicorn kind so the other one has to stop the evil unicorn that wants to get rid of unicorn kind.

Something I learned was that the main character isn't always a hero so authors call them protagonists
and the villain is called an antagonists.

Something I found hard was figuring out what the story was about.


In Taiao I have been learning about chickens. I have learned about the parts of a chicken, some facts about chickens, the parts of an egg (which I used to make an omelet), and what a chicken needs to be happy and healthy.Something I learned was chickens aren't just white, brown, or black,they can be gold,silver,red, blue and green!


In music with Mr McCullum I have been learning to play the ukulele.
I'll know I've been successful when I hold the ukulele correctly and can strum the cords. Something I found hard was playing smoke fast enough.

Learner Qualities

I am learning how to empathise.
I'll know I can do this when I can identify a variety of ways I can show empathy to others.

One way I can show empathy is recalling things that happened to me.

Reading Putakitaki

I am learning to make connections between the text and my prior knowledge.
I'll know I can do this when I can share what I already know about a topic prior to reading and make connections throughout the text.

Art Don Biney

I am learning to create art inspired by Don Biney.
I'll know I can do this when I have created a landscape with a foreground, middle, and background.
My bird and my background are coloured using pastels and natural colours.
Something I found hard was getting my bird to look good.

Writing Report

I am learning to write an information report.
I'll know I can do this when I can plan and write an information reports with a title, topic sentence, and a group of facts about a subject.

Maths Porowhita

I am learning to solve addition and subtraction problems with integers (positives and negatives).

I'll know I can do this when I can solve simple addition and subtraction problems involving positive and negative numbers.

Creative Writing - Scripts

We are learning to write scripts to create a play.

We know we are successful if our script has:
- multiple characters
- a setting
- character speech
- stage direction (in a different colour to the speech)

Once we have written our scripts we are creating the plays using Puppet Pals.

My play is called "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"